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Collaborating on Brexit content

Full English breakfast

Whether you're enjoying a slice of Banoffee pie, planning your next staycation, or just stroking your labradoodle, who doesn't love a portmanteau (combining the sounds of two separate words to make a new one)?

What user research told us about oral questions

Graphic of oral questions process

MPs can submit questions to the Table Office electronically but the current system has many issues. One of the projects that PDS is currently working on is to improve this submission system. We developed a new interface for submitting questions, to help give MPs feedback about their questions and help them prepare before they ask their question.

Browsers the new website will support

Graph of iOS adoption

Here at PDS, we start with user needs and this means putting our users first. We're currently working on prototype pages for the new website. Part of this involves discovery work about the browsers people are using to access the website and complete their task. Here's what we've found.

Introducing the user research and design team

User research and design team

Firstly our team name doesn't tell the full story. We’re not just user researchers and designers, we’re also product managers and performance analysts. Our goal though is shared: to put user needs first.

Using gifs to share our stories

Nyan cat meme

The other day I said that our new year's resolution was to talk to you in words about our numbers. In fact, we want to do more than that. We're playing with different ways of sharing, and monitoring what works (and what doesn't).

A new website for Parliament - first public steps

An illustration of the Parliamentary web estate

In early spring we’ll be releasing the first part of our new website. This first public step brings together a lot of effort and coordination. I’d like to outline the activities and thinking that have got us this far and what to expect from a new website for Parliament.