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Cultural values

A toolkit for developing technical digital careers

Scrabble titles spelling "CAREER" with coloured arrows pointing in different directions

Recruiting people into technical digital roles and helping them develop their skills in-post has been a long-standing challenge for Parliament. We’ve been working to improve our offer for technical roles, helping people to build a career that brings long-term rewards and challenges. 

Coding apprenticeships to close the tech gender gap

Staff from UK Parliament posing with some of the coding apprentices

Parliament recently partnered with Code First Girls to recruit and train seven women in data and product roles. This is part of our efforts to widen our talent pool and improve inclusion and diversity in digital and tech roles. The gender …

Women in digital: a conversation on career paths, skills, and culture

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Photo of the authors: left: Julie Byrne, right: Sarah McIlwaine

Earlier this month, to mark International Women's Day, we held a conversation between two colleagues about their careers in digital so far, and the way they see their impact on promoting access to digital and technical roles in PDS.

Making films accessible with British Sign Language

Filming in the archives – the director and another colleague with the presenter looking at rows of rolled up scrolls.

The job of the PDS Film Production team is to make sure that the films we produce reach as wide an audience as possible. We were asked to look at incorporating BSL into a film tour of the Parliamentary Archives to improve accessibility for UK viewers.

Making UK Parliament websites and apps more accessible

Multicoloured sign says welcome

Public sector websites and apps, including Parliament's, have a duty to make sure content is inclusive and accessible to as many people as possible. Sophie Miller describes the work that's been done to improve our digital services, challenges that had to be overcome, and why there is more to do.

Life during lockdown part 3 - colleagues share their thoughts

Play bricks say 'lockdown'

In our third and final piece in the series, PDS staff reflect on the challenges they have faced during the Covid-19 pandemic, what they have learned about themselves, and lifestyle changes that have helped them cope.

How I got to where I am: from archaelology to change and engagement

Winner of the Mr Speaker's Inspirational Award last year, darts 'pro' Heather Pike describes her journey from studying ancient civilisations to visitor services at Windsor Castle to helping Members and Parliament become more digitally-savvy.