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What discovery, alpha, beta, and live mean at Parliament

Image of a #ukparlibeta sign

We're building a new website and rather than redesigning the entire website at once, we’re creating little bits of it in iterative steps. You'll probably hear us calling this 'agile' and 'iterative' design. Laurence Grinyer explains what agile working looks like in Parliament.

How many times did that happen? Why we don’t answer that question

Graph showing that an issue happening in testing once may happen up to 60% of time in the real world while an issue in testing happening 5 times might occur between 60% and 100% of the time in the real world

When presenting findings from usability testing, we often get asked ‘how many people had that issue’. In this post, Steve Bromley explains why we don’t answer that question.

Helping our users outside of Westminster

Map of Stockbridge

PDS is aware that the 650 MP constituency offices around the country don't often get the tech support they need from us. To help staff make the most of the services on offer, we've decided to create a local engagement team. Daniel Crutchfield explains what to expect from this new team.

Switching off our old search service

A screenshot of the new search service

On the 6 September last year, we turned on a new search service for On the 19 January we'll switch off the ‘old service’ for all our users and we'll be fully decommissioning the service by the end of January.

Creating a new email subscription service for UK Parliament

A drawing of the subscription process in full

We’ve been looking at the sign up process and subscription service people use to get email updates from UK Parliament. We’ve just finished our alpha phase and want to share some of what we learned.

Our editorial direction for 2018

A finger pointing

Our Editor-in-Chief shares the editorial direction work of the content team for the year to come. As with all our strategic content work, these plans will be iterated and developed as the new website progresses.

Looking back (and forward) at the technology team away day

The technology team during a discussion at the away day

Ray Cross started as Chief Technology Officer three months ago and he took the technology team away for a day in mid-December. He's written about how it went and what the team want to achieve in 2018.