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UK Parliament data mailing list

UK Parliament data meetup

What happens in Parliament interests many different people for many different reasons. Sometimes the best way for people to find out is for people to get their hands on the data.

Statisticians and researchers in Parliament's libraries need data to answer questions. Academics use data to study Parliament. Journalists and the tech sector can use data to discover more about Parliament. Across these groups there's not much overlap, but the issues they discuss are similar. So it makes sense to connect up these groups.

These groups already have their own communities that work for them. We don't need to build a community, but there's value in building connections.

We've created a mailing list. The purpose is deliberately vague; to discuss UK parliament's data. Conversations could be about how to access data, asking who has looked at a particular dataset or sharing something they've built using Parliament data. But this is just a starting point.

If this sounds interesting please join, contribute and tell other people.

Join the UK Parliament Data mailing list.