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What we've learned about data visualisation best practice

Chart showing when users visit Parliament website

Naresh is a performance analyst and presenting data in a clear and organised way is crucial in his job. He's written about what good and bad visualisations look like.

Keeping it simple: content principles for Parliament

A poster that says 'The content team promotes plain English'

Information is the currency of the House of Commons and House of Lords with 37 pieces of new content published on every day, on average. We've created a set of content principles to maintain standards and help our editors.

Understanding what our users are searching

A member of staff using the search engine on the website

Understanding how and what users search on Parliament’s website helps us continually improve the search function. We wanted to understand if there was a difference between parliamentary language and what users are searching. Data analyst, Sara Reis, shares the findings.

Parliamentary facts and figures from the Commons Library: the ultimate pub quiz questions

Screenshot of the Parliament: facts and figures page

Online content manager, Rosie Barber, has written about improving a previously overlooked section on

Things can only get beta

Screenshot of the how to submit an oral question online guide

We recently published a Guide to Procedure for MPs on the beta website. The product owner and the content designer explain how they created the guide and how the team worked together.