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Digital strategy

Launching Parliament’s new Information and Digital Strategy

Front cover of the strategy document. A blue background showing bytes, with the text saying: Informatation & Digital Strategy for Parliament 2024-27. The themes are in boxes below: transform, modernise, enable, protect.

How do we respond to an ever-changing information, data and digital landscape? This is a big question for any organisation, and especially so for the UK Parliament. Parliament is a complex environment where emerging technologies sit alongside centuries-old traditions. Our …

A new digital strategy for Parliament

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Portrait of David Smith.

Parliament’s previous digital strategy ran from 2016‒2021 and focused on a set of aspirations and principles that underpinned an ambition to provide excellent digital services to a modern Parliament. During a challenging time, our digital service responded robustly to cyber-attacks and …

How I got to where I am: from archaelology to change and engagement

Winner of the Mr Speaker's Inspirational Award last year, darts 'pro' Heather Pike describes her journey from studying ancient civilisations to visitor services at Windsor Castle to helping Members and Parliament become more digitally-savvy.