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Portrait of Steve Bromley

Steve Bromley

Steve is the lead user researcher at PDS.

Back in the GDPR: user researchers won't break the law

User research session with observers sitting round a TV screen

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new EU regulation which strengthens people’s rights to understand and control how information about them is used. The user research team has been busy preparing for it.

Beyond usability testing – picking the right research method

Someone doing usability testing in a research lab

When people think about user research, their image is often of our research lab. Steve Bromley explores the attraction to usability testing in a lab, but also explaind how we decide on the research method used.

Beyond ‘start with user needs’

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Graphic showing how technology, the business and users fits together

“Start with user needs” is a phrase we hear a lot. Steve Bromley has blogged previously about what it means and everyone agrees that it sounds like the sort of thing we should be doing. In this post he shares his thoughts about what happens after ‘starting with user needs’.