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Breaking out the Post-Its: learning from our editors

Sticky notes on a window - various neon colours. Featuring important words from the requirements workshops - including "delete"; "versions"; "create"; "archive"; "assets library"; "publish"

As you know, here at PDS we’re busy building a new website. As part of the discovery work the content team are doing, we recently carried out a couple of short workshops about the content management system (CMS).

Statutory Instruments: unlocking democracy

Back in March, I was part of the House of Lords contingent at the Rapid Start event. The key theme was ‘Unlocking democracy for all’ and, in a small but significant way, our prototype delivered that aim by making it as easy for anyone to follow statutory instruments (Parliament considers around 1,000 per year) as for bills (around 20 per year).

Work experience with website alpha - Samuel Kasadha

Samuel Kasadha, a work experience student, spent a week shadowing various people at PDS. He wrote about how we helped him understand the work that gets done in parliament, what goes on behind the scenes and the difference between parliament and government.