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Product Management

Rolling out Microsoft Teams to 9,200 people takes... teamwork

Screenshot of Microsoft Teams log-in page on mobile phone

The workload was intense, the scale of project vast. Programme Manager Jane McCarthy describes how Microsoft Teams was rolled out to 9,200 staff during the first few weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

Listening to what our users tell us

A screenshot of the feedback form on the beta website

Since we made publicly available, we’ve been asking users to give us feedback from a banner which is on every page. Gemma Rogers shares some of the feedback we’ve had and what we do with the information.

Going live with the statutory instruments service: the challenges and lessons learned

A screenshot of the statutory instruments service

Sarah Purssell has written about the new statutory instruments service, the challenges of building it, and what the team learned from it.

Improving Parliament's online visitor experience

Using post-its to map out the user journey

We’ve just finished the alpha phase of improving Parliament's online visitor information, where we did rapid prototyping and testing. Here's what we learned.

Building a new online service: petitioning a hybrid bill

Boxes of written objections received in response to HS2 Bill

We recently launched an online process for petitioning against a hybrid bill after receiving hundreds of paper petitions against a recent bill. Sarah Purssell has blogged about why this was a good opportunity to develop this as a digital service.