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Technical governance – making the strategy real

People working at computers

In his last post, Rupert Hay-Campbell talked about our technology strategy and its principles. But a strategy with some principles is not going to make change happen on its own so we’ve also decided to look at our technical governance processes.

Developing tonal values for Parliament

Post-its on a whiteboard

Content in one form or another is everyone's concern but the editorial side of things isn't necessarily something people worry about. Carrie Barclay talks about why we're developing tonal values for Parliament and why it's a shared responsibility.

User needs on the intranet

Screenshot of the catering section of the intranet

Dia Nag talks about our discovery work on ‘exploring the user needs for the development of the intranet’. We wanted to validate existing assumptions and gather requirements for the intranet through qualitative and quantitative research.

Beyond ‘start with user needs’

Graphic showing how technology, the business and users fits together

“Start with user needs” is a phrase we hear a lot. Steve Bromley has blogged previously about what it means and everyone agrees that it sounds like the sort of thing we should be doing. In this post he shares his thoughts about what happens after ‘starting with user needs’.

MPs portraits - designing for great content

A selection of the 560 MP portraits

It’s been a huge team effort to get to this stage. Data, content, front and back end development, user research and design all working towards one goal. Victor Hwang is a designer and he talks about how we’re putting the portraits to work on our beta site.