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Women in digital

Coding apprenticeships to close the tech gender gap

Staff from UK Parliament posing with some of the coding apprentices

Parliament recently partnered with Code First Girls to recruit and train seven women in data and product roles. This is part of our efforts to widen our talent pool and improve inclusion and diversity in digital and tech roles. The gender …

Women in digital: a conversation on career paths, skills, and culture

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Photo of the authors: left: Julie Byrne, right: Sarah McIlwaine

Earlier this month, to mark International Women's Day, we held a conversation between two colleagues about their careers in digital so far, and the way they see their impact on promoting access to digital and technical roles in PDS.

Why I work in tech by a technical solutions designer

Lauren Manners in the PDS office

Lauren Manners is a technical solutions designer in PDS. We spoke to her about her work and what it's like having a degree in English and working in tech.

How I got to where I am: from film studies to change management

Jenny Radcliffe

Jenny Radcliffe is a senior change and communications manager in PDS. She did a film and cultural studies degree so you might be wondering how she ended up doing this job, which is why she's written this blog post.

How I got to where I am: changing careers later in life 

Franny Gant

Franny Gant is a user researcher in PDS but she wasn’t always one. She's done loads of jobs from being a carpenter to working at Mumsnet so she's written about how she got to where she is.

How I got to where I am: from interior design to user research

Image of Trine Taraldsvik

Trine is a user research lead but she wasn’t always a user researcher. She's done loads of jobs from making props for TV to working in web design so she's written about how she got to where she is.