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Unity without uniformity

What we've learned about data visualisation best practice

Chart showing when users visit Parliament website

Naresh is a performance analyst and presenting data in a clear and organised way is crucial in his job. He's written about what good and bad visualisations look like.

Building a new online catalogue for the Parliamentary Archives

Screenshot of the Parliamentary Archives homepage

We recently completed a project with the Parliamentary Archives to create a new website and we talk about the lessons we learned in this blog post.

The digital forms project and how we dealt with change

A whiteboard with lots of post its

The House of Commons recently asked staff to identify changes that could help to reduce bureaucracy. So we started a digital forms project which didn't turn out exactly as we'd planned and we've written about we dealt with change.

Our first unconference and what we got from it

Woman writing on a large notepad at a conference

Here in PDS, we’re constantly looking for new ways to solve (old) problems and to engage staff in different ways so we recently held an unconference. Caroline Auty talks about the unconference format and what we got from it.

Using social media for Parliament’s recruitment needs

Two people looking at LinkedIn on a mobile

Recruitment has never been more important at UK Parliament, as we hire people who’ll support us through exciting and challenging times ahead. Amy Mollett talks us through some recent changes we've made using social media to promote vacancies.