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Portrait of Dan Barrett

Dan Barrett

Dan is head of data and search at PDS.

Working on the 'get kit' service design workstream

A member of the 'get kit' group looking at the prototypes displayed on a wall

We've recently been looking to improve how our users get their software and hardware when they join Parliament. Dan Barrett and Sian Hodges have written about the last eight weeks of work, what they did, and what they learned.

A new data service for Parliament

Data service diagram showing how all the data elements fit together

Dan Barrett talks about building a new data service for Parliament. One of the things he's learned over the past year is that it’s really hard to talk about Parliamentary data in a way that’s accessible to all. That’s what this blog post is trying to do.

Some thoughts on pair writing

2 pairs hanging on a tree

We've started using pair writing as a technique for people to work together when writing content. We recently did some training on this and three of us also did some pair writing together. Here we talk about pair writing and how we found it.