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Daniel Crutchfield

Daniel Crutchfield

Daniel is head of customer experience management in PDS.

My career in Parliament: a focus on customers

Daniel Crutchfield

In my current role as Head of Customer Experience Management, I help to ensure that PDS understands our customers. It’s the sixth role I’ve had in PDS. My background was not in the world of IT and digital, but I've come a long way since then.

MPs and their offices during lockdown - how we've helped

PDS is working hard to help MPs and their constituency offices cope with the disruption and changes brought about by the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Our head of local engagement reveals how his team is coping with its biggest ever challenge.

Helping our users outside of Westminster

Map of Stockbridge

PDS is aware that the 650 MP constituency offices around the country don't often get the tech support they need from us. To help staff make the most of the services on offer, we've decided to create a local engagement team. Daniel Crutchfield explains what to expect from this new team.