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Julie Byrne

Julie Byrne

Julie is Head of Digital Capability at PDS.

A toolkit for developing technical digital careers

Scrabble titles spelling "CAREER" with coloured arrows pointing in different directions

Recruiting people into technical digital roles and helping them develop their skills in-post has been a long-standing challenge for Parliament. We’ve been working to improve our offer for technical roles, helping people to build a career that brings long-term rewards and challenges. 

Women in digital: a conversation on career paths, skills, and culture

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Photo of the authors: left: Julie Byrne, right: Sarah McIlwaine

Earlier this month, to mark International Women's Day, we held a conversation between two colleagues about their careers in digital so far, and the way they see their impact on promoting access to digital and technical roles in PDS.

Trying new things and making recruitment better

Recruitment task force ideas written on a whiteboard

At the end of August, the development team set up a recruitment task force. The aim was to research and test ideas on how to improve recruitment at PDS. We talk about what we've done, what we've learned and what's next for the task force.