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Work experience with website alpha - Samuel Kasadha

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This is written by Samuel Kasadha.

This week, I have shadowed members of the Parliamentary Digital Service.

On Monday 1st August 2016, I worked with Guiseppe using codebar tutorial to code and create website links. On day two I went to a creating digital content workshop, which discussed who the users of are, whether they are in-house staff, lords, public etcetera. I learnt that these groups consume content in various different ways, whether it be print or social media. In addition, I also learnt about the barriers that users face, such as terminology, motor and auditory barriers and how developers must be mindful of this when making the website.

I had several conversations during the week that helped me to understand the work done, behind the scenes in the Houses of Parliament, as well the difference between Parliament + Government.

Rob showed me how he checks the analytics on Parliaments social media pages and how the team is able to boost the engagements.

Roderick showed me how to sort out business applications on Microsoft Excel and Aiden showed me the process that the Parliamentary Digital Service goes through.

The Home Affairs team on Tothill Street, helped me to understand what I can do to make my personal statement as strong as possible.

Thank You to Ganesh who helped me build my own website, Jack who took time to show me how to get a website domain and finally Guiseppe who taught me coding

Thank you to Rob, Rachel, Julie, Aiden, Paul, Rod, Joseline and Paul

Samuel Kasadha - Work experience student

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