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Weeknotes: Alpha Web Team 05/08/2016

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This week we have been focusing on what we have learned so far. The whole team was involved in sessions to sum up what we have learnt about product approach, usability testing and guerrilla testing and the prototypes we made.

Jack was busy iterating the statutory instrument prototype based on the feedback from the last round of usability testing and reviewing all our previous prototypes to identify design patterns and start to expand our style guide.

Edward and Ed talking to libraries and committee offices in both houses to move towards a single vision for long-read content.

Giuseppe worked with Anya from IDMS on implementing some features for a part of our web app that will let IDMS add links from order paper items to concepts so that they can link up nodes in the database together. The feature will also allow to update fields of the order paper item if needed.

He began looking at the API that Wojciech from the data team has been working on: the goal is to encapsulate all the direct calls to the database in this API and have it produce formats that we can use in our web apps.

He started looking with Jack and Ganesh at ways to compare the search terms that most frequently bring users to our website with the ontology terms that IDMS uses.

We had a work experience student, Sam, who Ganesh spent some time teaching HTML and CSS. Sam wrote a blog post about his week with us.

Ganesh arranged analytics platforms that we are going to test out over the next few weeks with our next prototype.

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