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Fortnight notes: Data and Search team 19/10/16

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This is the Data & Search team's fifth set of fortnight notes. The idea is to keep an ongoing, public record of what we're doing. We'll iterate the notes with a view to making them better over time.

We'd appreciate any feedback to, or via the comments.

Here's what's been happening over the past 2 weeks:

On 12 October the team had an excellent afternoon with Steve and Edward from the Department of Information Services. We presented work on the next iteration of our data service. Steve is our senior product owner and Edward is a great supporter of data initiatives, particularly since his work with the Speaker's Commission on Digital Democracy. We also had our colleague Tim with us - he is responsible for managing a portfolio of projects that includes commissioning internal business systems that create the data we need. The discussion was very open, supportive and constructive and we agreed to do it again before the end of the year.

Our Data Analyst role that Julie's recruitment team (which Robert is in) developed was approved and now we can launch a recruitment campaign.

Michael spent time starting to transform the domain model into ontologies with Silver. The early results (with caveats that they might be wrong) are here:

Michael and Rebecca from the website team presented progress on working with Member data at the show and tell on 18 October. This illustrated issues with data quality as a result of user behaviour, and explained how the overall shape of the data could be improved (particularly around links in how it is modelled).

Michael and Dan did some preparation for our first ever Parliament Data Workshop which is at Newspeak House on 20 October. Thanks to Edward 81 people have signed up at the time of writing...

Robert met with the new Government Digital Service Open Standards Lead to talk about open standards.

Robert worked with Wojciech and Samu on the environment for search and made a great leap forward: moved entirely from servers to Azure Functions; wrote Azure Functions interface to Google API; wrote basic demo of HTML+Javascript calling Azure Function; and then wrote a PHP thing that calls the Azure Function - no Javascript required!

Robert met with Kheira to learn about the user needs for search identified during website discovery.

Some user needs research for search
Some user needs research for search

Robert met with our colleague Joe from the Knowledge Applications Team to learn more about the various incarnations of search that we have.

New colleague Steve (Performance Analyst) provided an initial look at Google Analytics information on search.

Both Robert and Dan have had discussions about replacing Historic Hansard (with a new project team and Catherine and Jennie from the Parliamentary Archives, respectively).

Aidan facilitated a letter of support from the Department of Information Services and Digital Service for a data-related Southampton University research bid.

Aidan continued to work on academic outreach with colleagues from Parliament, made further progress on various procurements and has created two statements of work for the Web Science Institute at the University of Southampton.

Dan and Aidan were at the first meeting to coordinate backlogs and roadmaps for the new website, data service, and business systems.

Mat, Noel and David fixed an issue with our training system; testing an integration with a finance system; met with colleagues to understand  plans for data in an accounting system; and worked with colleagues in the Pass Office to better understand their data and issues around data quality.

Mat worked with Matt and the Business Systems team on re-purposing some work done earlier in the year to improve workflow for allocating network accounts.

Mike worked with the Knowledge Applications Team and resolved a fault with the 'My Constituency' service. This uncovered some really arcane data flows and services relying on them.

Dan worked to make sure Accountability Hack 2016 can go ahead. He was successful.

Mike and Dan did some miscellaneous customer service.

(Samu and Mike are on holiday)


Highlights from the reading list (NEW FEATURE!):

"Multi-Entity Models of Resource Description in the Semantic Web"

"Openwishing data"

"Work at different management levels"

Richard Pope's "Power, design and possibilities" slides from OSCON 2016

A Minimum Viable Product Is Not a Product, It's a Process



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