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Service design

Working on the 'get kit' service design workstream

A member of the 'get kit' group looking at the prototypes displayed on a wall

We've recently been looking to improve how our users get their software and hardware when they join Parliament. Dan Barrett and Sian Hodges have written about the last eight weeks of work, what they did, and what they learned.

Understanding services through user needs  

Stickers showing the words 'end to end service mapping'

Understanding the needs of our users is an integral part of building a service that works for everyone. Recently we've extended those services to other teams across Parliament by helping them to learn more about their users and the impact they can have on these services.

Changing how we design and deliver services

Post-its on a wall

In the Digital Service, we’ve spent the past four years delivering a lot of change but we also realised that we need to re-think some aspects of how we operate. Rebecca Elton, director of service design, explains what this means for Parliament.