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Strategy in action

Developer at PDS

Bringing our digital strategy to life

We wrote a strategy. It helps us to work towards our goal: better digital services for Parliament. We're sharing the work we do on this blog to make it a reality. Here you can find out more about the different projects involved and what they mean for Parliament.

First, here's three things you should know about the strategy:

  1. this is a digital strategy for Parliament, not just the Digital Service. That means that it’s about the core work of the two Houses and how we use technology to meet user needs and do things better. The Digital Service is working in collaboration with staff and Members in the two Houses to achieve that but we certainly can’t do it in isolation.
  2. the strategy is about change so is likely to change. How the world looks now, what our priorities are, how our users engage and the technology we use is constantly changing. Although the strategy is looking forward to the end of this Parliament in 2020, it’s not something that should be set in stone. We need to make it agile and iterate as we go along.
  3. the strategy must deliver. The tendency of strategy documents to be full of ambition and fine words and to sit on a shelf never to be looked at again is to be avoided. Our digital strategy needs to be relevant, be real, be used, be useful. It must be in tune with our organisation's needs and part of our DNA. It will be demonstrated and reflected in the work we do, through prototypes and exemplars we deliver over the coming months and years. Only then will the strategy truly be brought to life and will we reach our goals.

To achieve our goals we developed nine principles that guide our work and eight things we aspire to have.


These principles are the foundations of all we do. They help us to make sure we stay on track to achieve our goals:

1. Start with user needs
2. Focus on our core work
3. Be where people are
4. Continuous iteration
5. Simplicity
6. Unity without uniformity
7. Collaboration culture
8. Open
9. Experts in what we do


Our guiding principles will help us reach our goal of better digital services for Parliament. Our aspirations are the steps we need to take to get there:

1. Secure technology that works
2. Good customer service
3. Digital capability
4. Transparent, open and inclusive
5. Effective
6. Efficient, reducing cost
7. Business enabling
8. Digital by default