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Weeknotes: Alpha Web Team 08/07/2016

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This week we have been focusing on Statutory Instruments (SIs).  We have had several explanatory sessions with colleagues from the House of Commons Journal Office and House of Lords Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee (SLSC) and we have begun creating a prototype.  We also had a team trip to the V&A to learn about their recent website redevelopment.

Rebecca and Giuseppe have surfaced JSON-LD in the data prototype.  This allows search engines such as Google to understand the data underlying a website.   They also began to do some research into Python and PHP along with possible web frameworks.  Giuseppe (with help from Berenice) organised a Codebar event for August.

Steve from the continuous delivery pipeline (CDP) team gave Rebecca and Giuseppe an overview of Docker principles and the ELK stack.  He also created a PDS development kit for future development using containers.  Additionally, the CDP team deployed both the data-driven and design prototypes to AWS using their new secured pipeline.

After a team sketching sessions, Jack distilled our ideas into a single design for an SI prototype and did some guerrilla testing with this.

Michael visited the National Audit Office (NAO) with Samu from the Data and Search team and Anya from IDMS. He started the conversation around shared identifiers for public bodies with NAO, GDS and others.  He visited the journal office to see how votes and proceedings is compiled.  To which the answer seems to be.... with a scrapbook!  Lastly, he started looking at a dataset of historical members of parliament.

Kheira has conducted three interviews this week with a regional outreach officer, a member of the public and a civil servant.  She conducted a focus group with teachers to understand their needs of online resources to teach about Parliament.  She met with university programs to talk about user research to be conducted on material for researchers and lecturers.  She drafted questions for short interviews with super users of SI information.  She did three short interviews with researchers in the House of Commons library and MP researchers for the SI prototype.  Lastly, she kick-started the project with the ODI and helped them to identify users of our open data based on research already conducted.  Kheira’s been busy!

Ganesh met with the Head of Policy and Legal at the NAO to discuss SIs and the prototype. He worked on the product backlog for the next two sprints and putting evidence together for the beta product backlog.  He also completed Advanced Google Analytics training.

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