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Weeknotes: Alpha Web Team 30/09/16

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It has been a little bit quieter for the alpha team recently, so this time we have fortnight notes! 

This week, we welcomed Peter and Dana to the team.They have been settling in and getting to know the team.  Their roles are front-end developer and user researcher respectively.

Rebecca, Giuseppe, Peter, Ganesh and Jack researched pattern libraries and living style guides around the web ahead of a user needs workshop run by Kheira.

Rebecca and Giuseppe created a first proof of concept for a component API which could serve HTML components to our applications and style guide.  Along with Peter and the CDP team, they also took part in a git flow workshop and Terraform 101 workshop.

Peter has created a Gulp build process with a sample prototype of visual design and HTML code.

We have also had a few trips out in the past two weeks: Rebecca and Dana attended an accessibility event run by the Business Disability Forum, and Giuseppe attended the conference.

Ganesh began matching entities in the domain model to our google analytics to build a first draft roadmap.

Ed had some time off, but since his return he has been gathering information to help prioritise user needs around the Members service. He's looked at external research, similar services and questions received by the enquiries service to help him do this.

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