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Managing content, not just creating it

An illustration of different types of content

With so much work going on at PDS, it can be easy to take our live services for granted. The work to build our new website is challenging our whole way of thinking, especially our approach to content management. In the meantime though, we've been doing plenty of work on

UK Parliament website public beta

Today we made publicly available for the first time. This is our first public step towards a new website for Parliament and the beginning of a long series of frequent releases.

Agile works for Parliament

An kanban board showing tasks to do, doing and done

As part of the Digital Strategy a transformation of Parliament’s technology infrastructure is underway. We're migrating services to the cloud and redesigning our network to support Parliament’s digital ambitions. Here Steve O’Connor talks about his experience of using Agile methods to bring about changes in technology.

Shrinking the IT and cloud skills gap in Parliament

Old IBM computer

Last week I attended an Amazon Web Services (AWS) event about digital skills. There was lots of discussion about the difference in the skills needed for traditional IT and cloud technology. Given the huge growth in cloud technology, the skills gap is bigger than many people think.

Delivering the unexpected

A recent show and tell at PDS

It’s been nearly 20 months since the Parliamentary Digital Service (PDS) sprang to life. By rolling together the House of Commons Web and Intranet Service (WIS) and Parliamentary ICT we created PDS. And we didn’t exactly do what people expected.

Being agile, developing for users

Within the Web and Intranet Service we are dedicated to improving the experience of users visiting the parliamentary website. As such, we carry out a continuous cycle of improvements in order to deliver changes, which we hope will make it easier for users to find information and better understand the work of Parliament.