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Strategy in action: transparent, open, and inclusive

Proactive disclosure by default, fully accessible

This means

  • information is published in the public domain by default unless there's a good reason not to
  • users can see how decisions are made and have access to the raw data
  • we publish in line with open standards so data can be interrogated, linked, and easily re-used
  • those on the margins are not excluded from our information and services

Strategy in action

Open data

We launched the platform, an open data service for Parliament. We're developing the next iteration of our data service and building a community of data best practice across Parliament. We review our data regularly as part of this.

Which means:

  • increased volume and quantity of data online for use by everyone
  • compliance with recognised standards of data accessibility, quality and reusability
  • a stable and sustainable platform for DDP with a simple publication process
  • our data sets are more up to date than ever before

Social media

We're sharing stories about Parliament, its work and its people on social media. With growing accounts across a variety of platforms run by experts in digital engagement, we're opening up Parliament.

Which means:

  • providing the latest cross-Parliament news in accessible formats for more than one million followers on Twitter
  • creating original multimedia content on the topics people care about for an audience of over 350,000 people on Facebook
  • experimenting with new ways to engage with younger audiences, whether that's through user-generated content on Instagram or by taking a virtual tour of the Houses


We've hosted open days to attract a range of diverse, skilled candidate. We hold regular events to encourage diverse communities to explore coding, including Codebar. Our commitment to diversity was recognised with a silver award of the Diversity standard - next time we'll be going for gold.

Which means:

  • we celebrate and encourage diversity
  • our new recruitment strategy is widening our scope for applicants
  • we ‘go where the people are’
  • we're proud to have developed the most diverse senior leadership team within Parliament

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