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Strategy in action: good customer service

Responsive service that fully understands user needs

This means

  • the service is responsive and delivered by a unified team
  • it's clear who to contact for help and there is defined accountability
  • the service is seamless and provided by polite, friendly, and professional staff
  • systems are fully supported so that if there is an issue it's fixed quickly
  • good communication is a priority so users are kept informed at all times

Strategy in action

Service Desk capacity

We're finding better ways to handle the fluctuating level of phone calls to the Service Desk from internal Parliamentary users. We've appointed a service partner to provide overflow Service Desk resource at times of greater demand. We've appointed a Problem Manager and an Incident Manager.

Which means:

  • 88.87% of all service calls made to the Support Desk were answered within 20 seconds (target 80%)
  • 95.95% of all service calls made to the Support Desk were answered within one minute (target 90%). In 2015/16, this figure was 71.68%
  • we can resolve issues more quickly
  • we're able to spend more time improving our overall service
  • we're fixing recurring problems

Customer satisfaction

A focus on improving overall customer services across the board. We're bringing together Service Desk and Engineering colleagues to operate in mixed-skilled units (‘pods’), rolling out training and recognition mechanisms for front-line staff and making our own internal ‘IT incident’ management processes stronger. We are continuing to invest in this area so that we keep improving the service we provide.

Which means:

  • we have happier, more focused staff and processes
  • quality of service for end-users is improving and escalations are reducing
  • one team ('pod') now owns each problem from when it's raised to when it's fixed
  • we can fix problems quicker and avoid customers being passed around between teams
  • we frequently hit our baseline resolution level of 95%

Members’ services

A comprehensive review of the IT and support services we offer to Members to help us meet their need. We're providing new or renewed smartphone contracts for House of Lords Members, end-user coaching and training for our tools, products, and services and a dedicated Members' Services team.

Which means:

  • Members of both Houses get the best possible service and support
  • Members and their staff are at the heart of plans to roll out new digital tools and services including SharePoint, Office 365 and Skype for Business
  • we better understand how Members and their staff work and what they need, both within their Westminster and their constituency offices
  • Members of both Houses are able to get the most out of their IT equipment and services provided
  • Members can book a timed appointment for a visit by an IT support person.

Digital Business Partners

We’ve created a team of experienced Digital Business Partners who are embedded and providing digital leadership in all areas of the organisation across both Houses. They're focused on service management and continuous improvement.

Which means:

  • users can get the most from the opportunities offered by Parliament’s digital transformation
  • all areas of the organisation have access to a Digital Service representative who specifically understands their particular processes and the issues they face
  • internal parliamentary users have access to well informed and collaborative digital representatives for their business planning cycles

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