Strategy in action: efficient, reducing cost

Improve the way we do things and save money

This means

  • technology is used effectively to improve business processes and activities as part of a cycle of continuous improvement
  • technology is used to solve business problems, support Members in their work, and show increased value to the taxpayer
  • technology decisions are based on the right tool for the job
  • use technologies that reduce duplication and make sure we get full value from the tools we use
  • digital helps break down the siloed approach to information
  • we take advantage of common technology and don’t have to build everything from scratch
  • digital is helping both Houses to save money year on year

Strategy in action

Office 365

We’re making Office 365 and its suite of tools including Outlook 365, SharePoint and OneDrive available to all Parliamentary users. We're providing training in how to make the most of these tools.

Which means:

  • reducing hosting costs
  • improving capability for the sharing of information
  • improving the ability for employees to work in a smarter and more collaborative way

Skype for Business

We're introducing Skype for Business.

Which means:

  • we're running our network on the most up to date technology
  • we'll soon be able to offer video conferencing capability
  • parliamentary users will soon be able to make and receive calls through their computers

Move to the cloud

We’ve moved 97% of Parliamentary applications to the cloud to date and are beginning to develop new IT infrastructure.

Which means:

  • improved consistency of development and live environments
  • more effective testing and faster deployments
  • reduced risk
  • improved reliability of services across the Parliamentary network

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