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Strategy in action: digital by default

Enable inclusive and accessible digital services that are easy to use by everyone

This means

  • products are developed with digital outputs in mind from the start to meet user needs
  • products are not retro-fitted to existing processes without thinking about opportunities for continuous improvement and thinking about how processes can be changed to fit a digital world
  • digital products are so easy to use that people choose to use them
  • we make sure products are fully accessible and meet appropriate standards

Strategy in action

People data

We are working towards improving Parliamentary people data. We're expecting to deliver significant improvements by 2019.

Which means:

  • increased accuracy, ease of use and availability of information for use by Parliamentary staff and their business systems

Office 365

We’re making Office 365 and its suite of tools including Outlook 365, SharePoint and OneDrive available to all parliamentary users. We're providing engagement and training in how to make the most of these tools.

Which means:

  • we're reducing storage costs
  • improving capability for sharing information
  • improving the ability for employees to work in a smarter and more collaborative way

Skype for Business

We're introducing Skype for Business.

Which means:

  • we're running our network on the most up to date technology
  • we'll soon be able to offer video conferencing capability
  • parliamentary users will soon be able to make and receive calls anywhere

Digital forms

Where we have paper forms, we're digitising them.

Which means:

  • we're reducing cumbersome manual processes
  • we're reducing our paper usage
  • we're improving the processes behind the forms
  • we're better able to collect and share data
  • improved user experience

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