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Strategy in action: business enabling

Digital helps both Houses achieve their goals and priorities, supporting their information management, communication and engagement strategies

This means

  • digital helps both Houses to achieve their business goals and priorities
  • digital channels help to reduce business risk when applied appropriately and can add significant value
  • technology is only deployed where there's a clear business need and justification that can be measured

Strategy in action

Office 365

We’re making Office 365 and its suite of tools including Outlook 365, SharePoint and OneDrive available to all Parliamentary users. We're providing training in how to make the most of these tools.

Which means:

  • reducing hosting costs
  • improving capability for the sharing of information
  • improving the ability for employees to work in a smarter and more collaborative way

Business apps - Lords Amendments

The Lords Amendment System was successfully launched to Peers interested in the 2016/17 Digital Economy Bill in February 2017.  Bills can now be shared via the Lords Amendments website and amendments can be submitted online.The system will be fully adopted in new the parliamentary session.

Which means:

  • easier and more efficient creation and support of amendments to legislation
  • streamlining of the process for tabling amendments in the House of Lords
  • easier searching of amendments
  • amendments are more accessible

Business apps - Commons Votes

We worked with the Commons Public Bill Office to launch a mobile app to provides division (vote) results immediately after they're published. The app has received praise from the media and was featured on the Daily Politics show. It's been downloaded over 7,000 times.

Which means:

  • you can see how an MP has voted 20 mins after a division (previously three hours)
  • more interactive access to results for the public and Members

Business systems - Cater 2020

We've introduced a new system for management of banqueting and events which aligns catering processes and digital solutions across both Houses and a shared customer database.

Which means:

  • reduced duplication
  • greater opportunity for cross-learning/training
  • reduced cost of support and maintenance
  • increased reporting capabilities and shared reports
  • greater visibility of sales activities

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