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Parliament, Data and Democracy Meetup

PDS is launching a regular meetup on Parliamentary data. The next event is on the evening of 21 February at:

Newspeak House

133-135 Bethnal Green Road

Shoreditch, London E2 7DG

If you're a librarian, statistician, academic, historian, technologist, designer or anyone with an interest in Parliament, democracy and data please...

Sign up at the event page

Late last year we ran a Parliament Data Workshop at Newspeak House. Dan Barrett spoke about some of the work the Parliament Data and Search team are doing and talked through some of the challenges. It got a good crowd and seemed to go quite well.

We're building the next iteration of our public open data service for Parliament. The first event was part of our ongoing commitment to work in the open with users of our data. We want to build relationships and communities, and better understand needs and opportunities.

For our second outing we've decided to tweak the format a little and, rather than have us talk, invite people from inside and outside Parliament to speak about how they use or would like to use Parliamentary and political data. We've tried to get a diverse group of people to represent various perspectives and needs.

We'll have speakers from the Parliamentary Digital Service, the Open University, Government Digital Service, House of Commons Library, Transparency International, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and the Open Data Institute.

Finally, we'd like to keep doing this. So if you'd like to give a talk that's pertinent to Parliament or democracy and data or if you'd like to hear from someone please add a comment to the open document for this event.