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Start with user needs

Understanding services through user needs  

Stickers showing the words 'end to end service mapping'

Understanding the needs of our users is an integral part of building a service that works for everyone. Recently we've extended those services to other teams across Parliament by helping them to learn more about their users and the impact they can have on these services.

Solving problems with Parliament’s Digital Support Desk

Abigail answers a call from a user

Service desk analyst Abigail Prempeh-Brown has worked in various roles. Find out how the service desk fixes problems and how Abigail’s background as a librarian and mental health support worker helps her provide excellent customer service.

Listening to what our users tell us

A screenshot of the feedback form on the beta website

Since we made publicly available, we’ve been asking users to give us feedback from a banner which is on every page. Gemma Rogers shares some of the feedback we’ve had and what we do with the information.

Improving Parliament's online visitor experience

Using post-its to map out the user journey

We’ve just finished the alpha phase of improving Parliament's online visitor information, where we did rapid prototyping and testing. Here's what we learned.

Working with the Commons Library to develop a new tool

People in the House of Commons Library

George Lamb recently worked with the House of Commons Library to help them with a new product they hope to release later in the year.