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Julie Byrne

Julie Byrne

Julie is capability lead at PDS.

Guest blogger Holly Greenland writes about her Rapid Start experience

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Holly is the Deputy Head of Public Information in the House of Commons. Holly was invited along to join a team consisting of staff from the Digital Service, our partner fluxx and other House staff from the Lords and the Commons in a two day rapid prototyping event called “Rapid Start.”

Update on rapid start incubation……it is getting hot in here!

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Last week we reached the 3rd week of our incubation period. Our team (Rebecca, Noel, Ganesh, Giuseppe, Jack, Lino and Jocelyn), some business representatives (Ed, Holly and Matt) and our friends from fluxx have been working hard on our two prototypes ‘Jargon Buster’ and ‘Interact’.

From Rapid Start to Incubation. This is chemistry lab time.

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After a really busy few days of creating ideas around “Unlocking digital democracy for all”, we're working on providing definitions to complicated words and phrases on our website (Jargon Buster) and supporting the public in connecting them to take some action with Parliament.