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Why I signed up for Parliament's talent management programme

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I was at a crossroads in my career where I’d been stretching myself, honing my skills, and looking for the next steps in my career. So I decided to sign up for the Talent Management Programme in Parliament. This is a development programme to support and create a culture of high performance in Parliament and help develop staff. It’s also open to everyone who works here.

Deciding to do it

I’d already moved out of my comfort zone when I’d moved from Print Services (the excellent team responsible for preparing and printing business papers, legislation, and posters among other things for  Parliament) to a new position in PDS. I moved to the Digital Portfolio Management Office supporting projects and programmes, so this scheme was the next logical step for me.

Best things about it

The move really helped me to believe in my own ability and gave me the confidence to pursue new challenges like promotions and work with people across Parliament.

I’ve improved my assertiveness, strategic thinking, confidence, and presenting skills. I’ve had awesome coaching, mentoring, and interview training as well as building new internal and external networks and connections. The support from colleagues on the programme has had the biggest impact.

Challenges and difficulties

The biggest challenge for me was at the start of the programme and getting my time management in a sustainable productive rhythm, as well as line managing someone on the programme. The extra training given to line managers to support staff members was helpful. It made me shift my perspective from being a participant to a line manager of an exceptionally talented person.

The scheduling challenged my day-to-day work but after a few months I was able to strike a balance. The programme made me look at my current workload and really question if everything I was doing was directly related to my role or I was doing it just because that’s the way it had always been done. It was good to be liberated from this cycle and take a step back to look at the volume of work, successes, and challenges I was dealing with.

Next stage

At the time of writing, there’s around two months left on the programme. I’m hoping to continue to learn and shape my new role as a delivery manager for two product teams working on the new website for Parliament. I’d also like to support the next cohort of the programme and share my experiences with colleagues in the same position I was in a year ago.

I’m also looking to improve my coaching and mentoring skills by working with people inside and outside of Parliament. I’ve realised the fulfillment that I get from guiding or coaching someone to unleash their potential. It’s part of what drives me to continuously improve and build on my own abilities.

Being surrounded by like-minded people on the programme really hit home the importance of what we’re all doing in Parliament and the depth of hidden talent within the organisation.

People working in Parliament can find out more about the talent management programme on the intranet

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