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Meet (some of) the content team

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Back in 2017 we introduced the content team. As Parliament's first ever content team, we thought it was important to explain who we are, what we do, and how our work helps people understand the work of Parliament.

We also thought it would be helpful to introduce you to some of the names and faces in the team so, this time, we've made a video. Watch the video below to find out about our jobs, what we like, and what's challenging about working in Parliament.


Title slide: Meet (some of) of the content team

First person: My name is Jocelyn Peachey and I'm a senior content designer.

Second person: I'm Joe Strawson and I'm a senior content designer.

Third person: I'm Rebecca Hales and I'm content lead*.

Fourth person: My name is Katrina Cimetta and I am the social media editor and community manager for UK Parliament.

Fifth person: I'm Amy Mollett and I'm a senior social media strategist at PDS.

Question slide: sum up your job in one sentence

Katrina: I create, curate, and educate about best practice around social media content for UK Parliament.

Jocelyn: Helping teams in Parliament get the best out of their online content.

Amy: It’s my job to write strategies for the social media channels for the UK Parliament, and me and the team also work with lots of other teams around Parliament to help them with their social media ideas and strategies.

Rebecca: I’d say it’s to provide operational support for content designers and social media experts that make up the content team here in PDS and make sure that they’ve got the resources they need to carry out their day to day jobs.

Joe: My job is making the things that you see on clear and inclusive for our users.

Question slide: what’s the best thing about your job?

Jocelyn: When you work in content, it’s always good to be able to sense check what you think because you’ve got to be always cautious that it might just be your opinion. People are really open to sitting down and discussing things. You don’t have a fear of looking like you don’t know what you’re doing because people understand that actually if you work together to produce something, you’re gonna get a better result. So, you’re not working on your own and I really enjoy that about my job.

Rebecca: Working with really interesting people. I’ve got some great skilled people on my team and when we’re working with people in the House of Commons and the House of Lords we’re able to call on those skills as well and I think those relationships are the most interesting thing about the job.

Amy: It's the people I work with. They’re really passionate about what they do, you can learn so much from them. I love shadowing people and learning more about their roles. I think the learning from other people in the team is the best thing about working here.

Question slide: what’s the most difficult thing about your job?

Joe: It’s probably that people, when they write something, they feel like they own it, they have a sense of ownership and they find it quite difficult, sometimes, to accept feedback on it and I think it’s our job to try and remind them that we’re trying to make their words more clear so that their users can understand it.

Amy: It's knowing where to start with social media channels. There’s so much potential for trying something new or pushing the boundary, trying something we’ve never done before that still fits with UK Parliament and what our identity is. There’s so much potential so knowing where to start is the toughest thing.

Katrina: Managing everyone’s expectations. Everyone’s very passionate about the work they do and everyone is doing amazing work and it’s my responsibility to showcase that in the best light but also meet their expectations and their objectives and sometimes they don’t always align with ours and they can compete with each other’s, so it’s a bit of a juggling act. But it’s a challenge that I’m happy to take on.

Question slide: Finally, any anecdotes from your time in Parliament?

Joe: I was once walking round the House of Lords and I was desperate for the toilet and I was barging in to all these rooms and apologising, as I left, and I finally found a toilet and I was obviously, very excited. So I went in there and it looked really fancy, and I did my toilet, and the room was really nice and I thought, 'that’s very odd', and then there was a rattle on the door knob at one point and I, you know, ignored it and I came out and the Lord Speaker is standing there, a bit annoyed, and it turns out, it was his private toilet. So there you go.

*Rebecca was promoted after we recorded this and is now head of content.

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