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Tell us what you think about the blog

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We've been running this blog for a while now and we think it's time we found out what our readers think of it. So we're doing some research.

Why we're doing it

The digital strategy for Parliament guides what the Digital Service is here to do and one of our principles is to 'start with user needs'. For the blog, this means we want to find out what our readers want to know about PDS.

Another principle of ours is continuous iteration. We want to keep improving the blog and making sure that it's a relevant source of information for those who work here, our colleagues in the Commons and Lords, people who're interested in our work, and anyone else who's a regular reader.

We want to continue to be as open as possible about our work (coincidentally another one of our principles) and the blog is our main tool for being open and transparent. So we want to give you the opportunity to tell us what you think.

We're interested in everyone's opinions, whether you work in Parliament or not. We want to hear from people who have read the blog in the past or who regularly read it.

What happens next?

We're giving our readers a few weeks to let us know what they think. We'll then look at the responses and update our blog strategy based on what the feedback says.

There's also the chance to be interviewed further about the blog so please leave your email if you want to chat, find out more about blogging, or even write a guest post.

The survey is now closed - thanks to those who completed it.

Sharing and comments

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  1. Comment by Ude posted on

    You are doing a great job! Can you add the facility to receive an email when someone replies to a comment?


    • Replies to Ude>

      Comment by Louise Duffy posted on

      Thanks Ude! We'll add that to our list of things that we want to update.

  2. Comment by Claudy Almont posted on

    I am extremely impressed by how rich the blog is in terms of updates and how frequently all writers update us . I find that it gives us a a very good insight into of what’s going on, making us feel involved, which is the right way to engage everyone in the change. I also
    Liked the stats used in some updates (testings) . Great job & fantastic way to engage with the audience.

  3. Comment by Thanh trinh posted on

    This is lousy gather information from people they do not willing to share the privacy

    • Replies to Thanh trinh>

      Comment by Louise Duffy posted on

      Hi Thanh,

      For this survey, the only personal information we collected was an email address which was an optional field if respondents wanted to discuss the blog further. The survey also stated that any personal information that we collected will only be used in relation to this survey, never for any other purpose.

      Best wishes,