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Learning BSL for my 10% time

I am thrilled to share my 10% time skill with the rest of PDS, Parliament, and of course, the outside world. We felt the best way to do this was to show you what I’ve learned in a video interview.

There’s no sound on this video, just subtitles, you’ll see why when you start watching. If you can’t read subtitles, we’ve included a transcript below the video.

I will make one small disclaimer. I'm still learning and I’m not perfect in my grammatical structure. I welcome, in fact encourage, all feedback, suggestions or guidance!


This video is in British Sign Language (BSL). Elisabeth is signing her answers sat on a chair with a white background and purple image of the House of Parliament behind her. The full transcript of her signs is below.

Elisabeth: Hello, my name is Elisabeth, I work as a content designer. This is my 10% time video.

Question slide: What do you do for your 10% time?

Elisabeth: For my 10% time I chose to learn British Sign Language or BSL.

Question slide: Why did you choose BSL?

Elisabeth: I want to communicate with a community often excluded from the hearing world. BSL and Deaf culture is amazing and very welcoming. When I meet Deaf people I want to sign in their language not expect them to communicate in my language because I’m hearing, just like most of the hearing world. Living with one hand, I find the world won’t change, you adapt, despite sometimes being easier for them to change. I don’t want that when Deaf people meet me.

Question slide: Have you found it easy to do your 10% time?

Elisabeth: I want to sign despite only having one hand but sometimes it's hard because it's frustrating not signing correctly. I think I look like everyone else signing but when I film myself, I’m very different. But if people can understand me, that’s more important.

Question slide: Was it hard to balance 10% time and work?

Elisabeth: No, because at college that time is just for BSL and I always have my work organised with my learning.

Question slide: How do you see BSL helping your career?

Elisabeth: I want to sign when I can, with a Deaf colleague, an outside supplier, or by having BSL in the content I create. Thank you for watching my video. Goodbye.

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