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Returning our focus to cultural change

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Ed and Joe working together

No two days are the same when you work in Parliament. Even in a regular working week you can’t necessarily assume things will run to plan. So when we came up against a terrorist attack, a general election and a cyber attack almost back to back, many of the cultural activities we'd planned had to be paused.

You do what's needed

When you’re faced with adversity you often have to drop what you’re doing and be ready to take on whatever role is needed. This means getting involved in lots of activities and responsibilities with different teams without worrying about grade, job title or ego. If you don’t, you’re potentially standing in the way of supporting our Parliamentary democracy, and that’s a serious thing.

Taking stock and moving on

As the dust starts to settle after a phenomenal period of upheaval, we want to return some focus to encouraging positive cultural change. We want to continue our hard work to build ‘excellent digital services for Parliament’.

We’ve just created a new group to work on cultural change in PDS to bring together some of the disparate activities we started in the last six months. This group is called the Cultural Delivery Group.

What’s the main purpose of this group? We want to bring all of the work together that we’ve done as an organisation to create a unified, collaborative culture.

This group will work on a number of things in the coming months and here’s a few examples of what we’ll be doing.

Working with our digital strategy

How can we make our digital strategy part of our culture? We want to make sure we’re always thinking about our digital strategy in our work and this also applies to our culture.

Cultural values and behaviours

Making the cultural values come to life with a full launch and supporting the House of Commons in their values work with their People programme.

Office space and ways of working

Thinking of new ways to improve where we work and how we work. Also making sure that our cultural values are relevant for our current processes and ways of working.

Cultural roadmap

Planning milestones and events such as all staff away days.

Tone of voice

Shaping how the organisation creates content and using the right tone of voice for us.


Making sure we use the right platforms and messages to speak to our colleagues.


Helping to encourage everyone to get involved and feel like they can contribute ideas across the Digital Service.

We'll be blogging regularly about our cultural values work. You can also follow us on Twitter for regular updates. 

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