The eyes and ears of Hansard

The Hansard team are busy writing a series of posts to appear on the PDS blog over the next few months. We want to make our processes as transparent as possible and dispel any stereotypes that might exist. As we’ve already shared experiences from the editorial side of Hansard, we thought we should mention that our broadcasting team will be filling you in on what they do too.

Hansard isn’t only about the written word. We also stream and record more than 70 hours of live video every day when there’s a full set of Parliamentary proceedings to cover.

Our Parliamentary Audio Video Unit oversees the sound and vision coverage of the Chambers and committees of both Houses. The broadcasting team also manage UK Parliament’s video archive and online video service.

Later this year, when business is fully up and running again in the Palace of Westminster, we’ll post a video giving an insight into the team’s busy world of production control rooms, 116 cameras and a staggering 952 microphones.

In the meantime, here’s something to whet your whistle – a time-lapse recording of just one morning’s worth of video produced by our team.

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