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I AM PARLIAMENT and what it means for us

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When staff in an organisation understand why they’re doing their job, it can lead to greater satisfaction, productivity and innovation. For us, this means better outcomes for Parliament and the public.

In a big organisation like Parliament that is committed to digital transformation, there are lots of things happening all the time. So it's natural for staff to keep their head down and focus on doing their job. It's sometimes very easy to lose sight of why we’re all here.

Bringing the digital strategy to life

One of the challenges we have at the moment is to bring the concept of Parliament's digital strategy to life for staff. We're doing this by creating a personal way for people to relate to the digital strategy and the outcomes and benefits of their work. We’ve created something called I AM PARLIAMENT to help staff take ownership.

We wanted to show that we each have a personal connection to Parliament. After all, I AM is written in the middle of the reason we’re here - PARLIAMENT. As someone who works in PDS, when you see I AM PARLIAMENT, you’ll know we’re specifically talking to you about your part in the digital transformation of Parliament.

Who I am and what I do

Based on findings from a series of pilot workshops earlier in the year, we created training and resources for PDS staff. These cover:

Who I am

Creating your own strapline about I AM PARLIAMENT gives everyone in the Digital Service the chance to say why you’re here, in your own words. For example, mine is ‘I AM JOINED UP’.

Sharing this statement through an email signature, for example, is a way for us all to start a conversation with colleagues across Parliament.

What I do

We want to help you have a clear view of how your work contributes to the results we’re looking to achieve.

The ‘Golden Thread’ framework (which we'll share soon) helps identify how you get results from delivering the digital strategy. It’s linked to our performance review process and helps show the outcomes and benefits of your work.

The first I AM PARLIAMENT themed workshops are now running for PDS managers and related activities will roll out for everyone in PDS across the rest of the year.

Read the digital strategy for more information about our principles and aspirations for Parliament. 

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