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How we use our intranet homepages

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One of the homepages of the Parliamentary intranet
One of the homepages of the Parliamentary intranet

We recently completed an intranet discovery project. A team of people from PDS worked together to understand the user needs of the Parliamentary intranet.

My role as an analyst was to help us understand what users are trying to do on the intranet using Google Analytics.

Most popular pages

The top 10 pages had three million unique pageviews, which is about 54% of all pageviews on the intranet. Our intranet has four homepages depending on who the user is: an MP, a Lord, staff of an MP and staff who don't work for an MP.

These stats include all of these homepages and the most popular pages which are about catering in Parliament. These figures show that as the catering venues are the most popular, users need to be able to access them from the homepages.

Homepage searches

About 56% of intranet searches were carried out from the four homepages mentioned above. This could indicate that if a user can't find what they need on the homepage, they use the search box instead of navigating to the information. We can make an assumption that it's quicker and easier to get the exact information they’re looking for by using the search.

Top five searches

The most popular searches from the homepage are for:

These results show that people who search from the homepage are mainly searching for essential information they need to do their job.

Tours of Parliament might not sound like essential work but when you work here, you realise you need to know your way around. If you don't know where things are then you'll spend a lot of your time wandering around aimlessly and being late for everything.

The intranet discovery team are doing a show and tell on Tuesday 18 July at 3.30 in 7 Millbank. Parliamentary staff are welcome to come along and find out more about this work. 

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