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A quick question about social media audiences

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We're lucky here at PDS to have an engaged blog audience that regularly pops by to find out what we're working on, what we're talking about, and what we're thinking. But we know that in recent years conversations have drifted away from blog comments and onto social platforms.

It's not rocket science


It doesn't take a genius to figure out why. Blog moderation takes time but social platforms are instant. Blog comments rely on email notifications (when they're made available) to know a conversation is going on. Social platforms let you join a conversation by simply scrolling past or following a hashtag.

Social platforms make engagement simple.

A simple question

So, my question is, how much engagement do you expect from a channel like @UKParliament?

Let's focus on Twitter for now. Unlike channels that share some similarities like @GOVUK, we're not particularly transactional. We focus more on publishing than on services, so should we be talking back?

Tell me what you think

As a reader of our blog, I'd love to know what you think. Should we be diving into conversations feet first, sitting back and waiting to be asked, or simply broadcasting messages to our audience? Or all of these things?

Of course, I'm not really expecting you to leave a comment below. That ship's sailed. Instead, let's take this conversation where the people are. Tweet me @DigiBungalow using the hashtag #ParliEngage.


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