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Three months and counting

Elliot at work

Having any new job is pretty daunting. Even more so when it's as world-renowned and prestigious as this place. Before I walked through the door I thought of suited Eton businessmen, superhuman intellectuals, dignitaries and aristocracy roaming the halls of Westminster. I couldn’t have been further from the truth though.

Starting at the beginning

The reactions of my friends and family the moment I told them where I worked showed me how big of a deal it is. Walking past Big Ben and the Palace on your first day of work can fill you with a mass of anticipation and intimidation. I still find it funny when I walk through the palace and I see the architecture or paintings and wonder how I got past the policeman on guard.

Where I came from

Let me just say I’ve had a few jobs before accepting this position as I’ve been working since I left school. From delivery boy, chef, customer assistant and teacher through to product management. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a colourful CV and I’m not complaining about the experience and skills I have from all of my different jobs.  Immediately before Parliament, however, I was made redundant. I saw it as a great chance to finally have some time off after nine years of working and after my break I was really geared up to start at PDS.

Why I chose PDS

I may have a slight advantage to this job as my aunt was an MP so I had some idea of what Parliament is like. I was looking for a job I could get my teeth stuck into, where I could learn, develop and grow. PDS looked to me like the biggest opportunity to get these things and has been defining the concept of a public sector ‘startup’. I’m not going to say the private sector didn’t offer me some fancy opportunities but nothing can compare to helping to develop a modern Parliament.

My first few weeks

Meeting everyone and learning what's happening in PDS filled up my first few weeks. The inductions are still happening and I’m pretty certain that I’ll have to keep learning every day while at Parliament. I don’t think anyone will ever be able to explain to me all the complexities of the Houses, their processes and the people.

From the beginning PDS has been like a startup with everyone getting stuck in as there’s so much to do. When I saw there was a road map stretching over a few years I knew I would be busy. The product team are new too as the team has been brought in over the past six months.

The concept of a ‘product team’ is just being developed at PDS so there are many opportunities to really put a mark on Parliament. The collaborative team I’ve been a part of have shown me how positive everyone is and willing to work together to achieve the ambitions of PDS.

Interested in working at PDS? Take a look at our current vacancies.

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