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Storytime: focus on social

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It's month three of our commitment to using words to talk about our numbers. March was a busy month and brought with it some social media successes we'd like to share.

The day today

There have been a lot of days of social and cultural significance to celebrate in March, and alongside our #onthisday content these tweets and posts tend to perform very well.

For example, our tweets celebrating St Patrick's Day (89 RTs/126 likes), St David's Day (RTs 83/87 likes), Commonwealth Day (503 RTs/647 likes), World Poetry Day (58 RTs/83 likes), International Women's Day (365 RTs/638 likes) and Disabled Access Day (74 RTs/84 likes) were some of our top performers this month.

Commonwealth Day was the top tweet but a visually striking post with lots of flags, Big Ben and sunshine was always destined to do quite well. The same image on Facebook also got 3350 reactions, comments and shares.

Parliament from every angle

This month, we also launched a new virtual tour of the Palace of Westminster. The tour gives a 360° look around some of the most famous rooms in Parliament, including Westminster Hall and the Commons and Lords Chambers.

The image above is the view the Prime Minister has when answering questions at the despatch box. Accessing the tour in virtual reality (VR) mode allows for an even more immersive experience. To coincide with the virtual tours we also posted our first 360 photos to Facebook and got a really positive response from our audience. The photos have already had thousands of likes and it's been a great way of answering people's questions about the building.

Food for thought

We also had a nice social media conversion story this month.

The Members' Dining Room is open to public bookings for a few days in April but they weren't getting a lot of take up. Our tweet, Facebook and Instagram posts generated 333 clickthroughs and these converted to over 200 people reserving a place. Overnight they went from 304 covers remaining to 77. It's nice having examples like this to show the effect of organic social media promotion without paid-for advertising.

We'd love to know if these posts are of interest, what you'd like to see more of, and what you'd like us to do better. Comment below or send us an email.

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