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MPs at Prime Minister's Questions
Image courtesy of UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor

One of the audiences for the Members pages are Members themselves. We recently spent time doing research on the design of these pages to identify their needs. We used affinity mapping to analyse the findings of 7 semi-structured interviews with Members of both the House of Commons and Lords.

What Members told us

Members consider social media an important part of their work. They use it to mention when they’ve spoken in Parliament or when they’ve campaigned for a cause they’re interested in.

MPs and Lords told us that there are many activities to their work, it isn't just their voting record. That means the new pages should reflect this need.

At the moment the process for updating these pages is slow and difficult. Revising the process could improve the content on the pages.

Currently Members use sources such as They Work for You and Wikipedia to find out biographical information about other members. There’s potential to address this need when designing the new pages.

We discovered that Members need to see other Members’ interests to canvas support for their causes. The new pages should do more to allow Members to show shared interests.

With 650 Members of the House of Commons and more in the House of Lords, one challenge is recognising other Members. The new pages should address this need and support the use of photographs.

We’ll continue to collect and analyse feedback on the Members pages over the coming weeks and will keep blogging about our findings.

Please email us if you want to know more about our ongoing research.

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