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As a user researcher we often speak to the public. They tell us that they want to understand what kind of person is representing them as an MP or a Lord. They want to know how they’re voting, what their interests are and what they're doing. Parliament holds a lot of this biographical information but we wanted to understand what was the most important aspect to them.


We used a card sorting exercise to understand what information people want about their MP or a Lord. We recruited people that represented the external personas identified by our research. 37 different types of biographical information were discussed, ranging from personal information such as marital status and children to their voting records. This helped us understand how users group information together and will help inform how we design the page with a Member's biographical information.

MPs biographical information card sorting exercise

Participants were asked to group the cards in to three categories: essential, desirable and not relevant. They spoke about why they thought that information fitted into that category. They were also asked if there was any other biographical information that they would like from the page.


The card sorting exercise gave us an understanding of the priority for each of the biographical information listed and also insights into why there were important. These insights will be pulled together with our survey data from the existing website and enquiries to the House of Commons public information office.

We hope that by understanding what information people see as important, we’ll be able to show the public a different side to their representatives.

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