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Weeknotes: Alpha Web Team 02/09/2016

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This week we’ve been continuing to explore how to present the work of Parliament through topics to the public.

Following on from workshops last week Kheira and Jack met with the Commons inquiry service to understand the tasks people try to complete and the information they look to find when visiting the website. We used this and previous research to think about how to arrange (and potentially simplify) business information under topics on the Website. Kheira, Jack, Giuseppe, Caroline and I then worked through a number a sketches to test ideas for a prototype which would do this.

With help from Joe in the Content Team, Jack has now begun work on building this prototype for next week’s testing and Kheira has been preparing the script for this testing. We’ll run it with internal and external users. Kheira’ s also developed a card sorting exercise to help us understand how people expect business information to be arranged and she’s been to see the National Archives to learn from some of their experiences.

At the same time Giuseppe and Rebecca have been prototyping a content application. They’ve developed a class structure for pages using a ‘base class’ from which all other pages could be defined and also templates for different page types. They’ve also looked at moving pages into the database.

Ganesh, like me, has had a few days off, but he’s spent his time at work looking at the MPs database to understand how the available data can be used to generate content for our prototypes and for beta development. He’s also helping to define requirements to make the data more useful. And lastly, Ganesh also met with Visitor Services to kick off work on the booking platform for a future sprint.

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