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Weeknotes: Alpha Web Team 22/07/2016

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Phew! Busy busy for the website alpha team building and learning.

Here is what we have done:

Jack Ed, Ed, Rebecca, Ganesh and Giuseppe conducted usability testing with lobbyists, campaigners and the Parliament team from Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Ganesh presented to the digital strategy board on the progress of website alpha. He also assessed how ready we are for beta and continued work on the product backlog for beta.

Ganesh also added giphy integration to slack which everyone was skeptical about but loved it by the end of the week. This has increased productivity by 4 billion percent. Expect a new website by midday next Wednesday y'all.

Jack had been working on the HTML prototype with Rebecca and Giuseppe for the usability testing.

He has also analysed the usability testing with Ganesh and Ed and will be iterating our HTML prototype.

Giuseppe and Rebecca have finished a python proof of concept (built with the Flask framework) and a PHP proof of concept (built with the Silex framework).

Giuseppe and Rebecca worked with the CDP team in adding logging into the rails app.

They have also started adding Order Paper data to our Rails app

Steve has added centralised logging for a new app written in ruby found here

Michael spent Tuesday morning with Silver tidying up the domain model and integrating various bits from scattered sketches and fag packets

He spent Tuesday afternoon with Silver and Katya, from the Commons Journal Office, domain modelling the passage of secondary legislation

He spent Wednesday morning with Silver, Anya and Ian Hook domain modelling committees.

He spent Wednesday afternoon with Silver and Anya adding document outputs and things that are subject indexed to the domain model

He spent Thursday at data day and recovering from a hangover.

The current domain model stuff is now published on GitHub

Hopefully, the sun will be back out for the weekend and if not, here is a song to enjoy whilst making pancakes.

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