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Work Experience at the Parliamentary Digital Services by Alexander Fedotov

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To everyone reading this I am Alexander Fedotov and I am 15 years old, from Fleet, Hampshire. This week I’ve been working with the Website Alpha team and I have greatly enjoyed it!

I have also worked with other teams including the continuous delivery pipeline team and other teams which I have too enjoyed. This experience has greatly improved my knowledge of how modern developer teams work with source control applications and secure environments. I would like to thank Julie Byrne for organising this great event for me and other members of staff for working with me and giving me great feedback! Not only have I improved my knowledge of website languages, but I have also learnt some basic database languages like “SPARQL” and network management with online secure repositories. Finally, I have also had insight how the digital services teams operate, but also some of the groundbreaking apps they are churning out for real life usage.

Mainly for the week, I worked with Giuseppe De Santis & Rebecca Appleyard who are the back end developers of the website. They work incredibly efficiently and are able to churn out new patches for the “database exploration app” in hours. These guys know what they are doing and were very happy to teach me their ways. In fact in the short amount of time I was at Parliamentary Digital Services I learnt the basic syntax of a query language. Also, Samu Lang frequently got involved in the development and greatly helped us out in many ways including “JavaScript” and “SPARQL” logic. Later on in the week I also spent some time with Steve Wade from the continuous delivery pipeline team who taught me about creating secure online repositories and advanced networking techniques to secure online environments. Finally, I shadowed and talked to Tim Barnes who is the manager of multiple teams about how things are done and to an individual developer how they create applications using the Agile development system.

In conclusion, I learnt a variety of things about modern development which I all enjoyed, I learnt many new things and techniques in application development, application development and network managing. They have inspired me to expand my knowledge of programming and computers and entertained me with great technical discussions while working.

Thank you.

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