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Weeknotes: Alpha Web Team 24/06/2016

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This week we have been testing and iterating on our HTML prototype focusing on members and issues.  We have also expanded our data prototype, incorporating data on committees.

Kheira has been writing scripts for member’s issues pages HTML and paper prototype.  She has also been interviewing MPs’ staff and doing usability testing of the HTML prototype with lobbyists, academics and the members of the general public.  Additionally, she has been taking part in lean UX training and interaction design and prototyping training.

Ganesh, Jack and Ed have been conducting guerilla testing with policy advisors, committee assistants and MPs’ research assistants.  Also, they have been doing usability testing for the HTML prototype with lobbyists.

Kheira, Ganesh, Jack and Ed have been analyzing the user research to feed into the next iteration of the HTML prototype.  Jack has been using this to iterate the HTML prototype taking on board this feedback.  Ganesh has also now finished analyzing Jargon Buster.

Rebecca, Giuseppe and Samu have removed Tripod from the data prototype and replaced this ORM code with SPARQL queries.  Also, they added in committee data and a simple text search.

Michael has been tidying up the user research data app, domain modelling around member activity with Silver and started the committee domain model work with Anya.  He has also spent time with the data, and on Thursday he visited the Wellcome Trust with Samu to talk about data platforms.

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    This is so exciting!

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    Thanks for sharing ?