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Weeknotes: Alpha Web Team 10/06/2016

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This week we carried on with our MP and Lord prototype (I will write a more detailed blog on how we approached it later next week).

Without further ado, this is what website alpha got up to this week.

Jack, Ganesh and Ed did lots of testing with members of both houses, external users and MP’s staff with the first iteration of our prototype. (It involved a lot of running around Portcullis House like a bad episode of The Thick of It.)

We also did the analysis of all the feedback and have re-iterated our prototype. Jack has now begun building the HTML prototype.

Jack, Ed and Ganesh went to speak with the Clerk of Journals Office.

Michael had a meeting with the BBC platform team to chat about devops and cloudy things and a meeting with Richard Gartner ( at the Warburg institute to chat about prior art in parliamentary data modelling and whether our domain model (and possibly our website) might be applicable for other parliaments. Conversations continue.

Giuseppe finished an app using data from the sparql end point Samu provided and started exploring using the RDF library instead of Tripod.

Giuseppe also tagged and released version 1.0 of our proof of concept

Steve helped Giuseppe get setup and is looking into

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