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Weeknotes: Alpha Web Team 3/06/2016

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This week, we started Sprint 3 focusing on creating a Member page prototype for members of both houses.

Kheira extracted user research data from the discovery around members.

Jack, Giuseppe and Ganesh shadowed the Lords External Communications team.

Michael did more domain modelling around members with Silver.

Kheira had a Skype call with Emma Armstrong from the digital team in Scottish Parliament, to talk about our progress so far and future collaboration.

Kheira also met with Lords Business paper team to evaluate user research needed on the project.

Michael had a meeting with IDMS about the work they do indexing and annotating information and went to a talk from James Smith on the open politics project.

The team attended the first Data and Search team Show-n-tell.

Rebecca and Giuseppe continued the exploration on using Tripod and Sparql in order to use triple store data on Ruby on Rails. They collaborated with Samu polishing and customising all the paths and possibly the URIs of the data exploration app. They also spoke about what data they could migrate to the triple store for continuing the exploration.

Kheira and Michael went to teacamp with ODI Head of Policy.

Steve from the Continuous Delivery Pipeline team got the search-for-member application deployed to AWS via Docker containers (continuously) and “dockerised” the prototype kit (

Kheira met with Education service to organise recruitment of teachers in July.

The team did lots of talking and sketching around members prototype.

Michael started to build an app to decant Kheira's user research post its.

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